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A supplemental pictorial to Asian American Apostate: Losing Religion and Finding Myself at an Evangelical University.

English Dept Alice in Wonderland party. I was asked to be the King, so I dressed as Elvis. At the time, I was the "diversity" in the department.


Halloween at the "House of Sin." I blurred the image because I'm not sure who is still working at EVU. I'm in the front and Craig Boyd, a guest on Chapel Probation is front right. Geri is in the back in blue.

The height of Haven. This was my view from the stage at an Art Night near the end of it all. This was only about half of the crowd in the Citrus College parking lot. Glenda McDannell, AE Scott, and Abbie and Liz Cirelli were LGBTQIA leaders who were guests on Chapel Probation.

The best and most diverse Freshman Writing class ever. This was the morning after Obama won the presidency in 2008. The White kids were good sports and agreed to take this pic with them looking sad at the back of the class with all the BIPOC kids in the front. Eugene Hui is the row all the way to the right, and he was a guest on Chapel Probation in season 2.

An APASO meeting. 


One of the only pics I have of Joe Snell, my best friend at APU who died suddenly in 2009. He's attempting to dance tinikling with Sammie Howell, the Filipino stick dance. He had bruises on his ankles for the next week.

Abbie and Liz Cirelli with Matthew at Midtones, the jam session/dance party started by Shin Kawasaki. Yep, the cool kids came out.

I officiated Tim's wedding. We had fun taking pics at Pasadena City Hall.

Sammie Howell and Dacia Taleni at an APASO meeting.


A legendary moment at an APASO coffeehouse. Keiko Agena drummed on a couple of songs with my band, and she begged me not to ask her to do a drum solo, so what did I do? I asked the crowd if they wanted her to do a drum solo. An improver at heart, Keiko drummed like Animal of the Muppets, flailing so wildly, a stick went flying out. Jenny Yang caught the stick, threw it back, and Keiko resumed the drum solo without missing a beat. It was epic.

Jenny Yang leading the band before the "infamous" floor moment.

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