About this blog

This is a space for me to write about the things I think about all the time.  Parenting and family, sex and sexuality, fishing, sports, music, race, and politics.  For starters.  These are thoughts in process, and I hope to take any responses or criticisms to heart and change my thoughts accordingly.  

This Blog thing

You will find writing on all the things I like talking about.  Fishing, sports, music, sex, art, education, race, politics, and anything else I can think of.  It's important to note that I am not writing as an authority on these subjects.  I will take the feedback from my communities and consider a number of views.  In many cases, I will amend or even retract something.  Unlike so many awesome blogs, I am not competing with the day-day blogs that respond to current events.  I may, from time to time react to news, but mostly, I'm writing think pieces from my own, warped mind.