Band Moto is back.

After a rough couple of years with health issues and life changes for most of us, the band started playing again at the end of 2016. Since one of the founding members, Jenny San Angel, is taking a hiatus, we decided to use Dave's suggestion that we call ourselves, Quazi Moto. Here is our entry into the NPR Tiny Desk contest.

This Blog thing

You will find writing on all the things I like talking about.  Fishing, sports, music, sex, art, education, race, politics, and anything else I can think of.  It's important to note that I am not writing as an authority on these subjects.  I will take the feedback from my communities and consider a number of views.  In many cases, I will amend or even retract something.  Unlike so many awesome blogs, I am not competing with the day-day blogs that respond to current events.  I may, from time to time react to news, but mostly, I'm writing think pieces from my own, warped mind.